Creativity in 3D Fiberglass Sculptures | The Resource Factory

The Resource Company is a Florida-based custom manufacturing company that specializes in creating completely unique, built-from-the-ground up exhibits, signs, and custom 3d sculptures for companies of all sizes. While The Resource Factory has an impressive selection of well-known clients that include Disney/Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, and the Cartoon Network, the company that's comprised of an army of creative dreamers and designers also collaborates with smaller companies and stores to meet their creative exhibit needs.

Walt Disney Projects We’ve Worked On

One of The Resource Factory's most well-known clients is Walt Disney. Disney has contracted with The Resource Company on several occasions to take the magic of Disney movies and make it into something tangible. 3d fiberglass sculptures and statues with appropriate scenic backdrops lets Disney fans see and even touch their favorite Disney movies, characters, and memories.

You can find The Resource Factory's Disney works in a variety of places, with the most notable of these being actual Pixar vehicles at Disney's The Art of Animation Resort, a true-to-life The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attractions at The Magic Kingdom, and beloved Mickey as a sorcerer on Disney's cruise ships.

Thanks to The Resource Factory's artistic finesse, children of all ages are able to enjoy Disney's magic right in front of their very eyes and fingertips.

The Resource Factory prides itself on being a creative army of graphic designers, fiberglass and foam sculptors, and managers ready to take the reins and make your dreams and wishes into a reality. Statues and sculptures are only part of what the company is able to create - contact them in order to discuss your creativity needs.


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